Business Courses

Following are the Nationally Accredited Business, Management and Training qualifications that are provided by Dowell Solutions in partnership with Parasol, RTO 2551:

Business Courses Dowell Solutions - Business Courses

Leadership and Management Courses – Now Available  

Both of these above-listed courses are available to be completed online.

Non-Accredited Business, Management and Training Courses (Workshops)

Dowell Solutions also offers non accredited Business, Management and Training session, as we understand that some organisations need training sessions that are to the point, information-packed and interactive sessions that still provide quality education. The following list of workshops is what we have found to be the most popular.

  • Correcting bad behaviour and improving performance.
  • Removing the emotion out of those tough conversations.
  • Writing effective and measurable key performance indicators or goals.
  • Understanding the difference between bullying and motivating your staff.
  • Writing relative position descriptions.
  • Who said the customer was always right?

These workshops can be tailored to your organisation and staff needs. Workshops times can vary from 2 hours to three days.

Didn’t find anything that suits you or your organisation? contact us today to discuss how we can help you with your Business, Leadership or Training & Assessment training needs.

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Course Enrolment

To enrol into any of the above-listed courses simply:

  • Complete the Enrolment Form and email to us.
  • Email us with the name of the course you wish to enrol in.
  • Call us directly at 0408 471 570.