BREAKTHROUGH Coaching Sessions – Now Available

Do you want to make change FAST? Is something is holding you back from creating the changes you want to make in your life, career, relationships, finances, or health? Do you have blockages that are stopping you from achieving what … Continue reading

What is Time Line Therapy™?

When working with the Time Line method, the client tries to deal with stressful experiences from the past. Then, the therapist positively modifies the current emotional experience. This means that the negative events are biographically preserved, but emotional and cognitive … Continue reading

What is NLP?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is both an art and a science of personal excellence. We could define it in a very concise way as a communication model that explains human behavior. It shows us how we do something, what internal strategies … Continue reading

What is Clinical Hypnosis?

Have you ever thought about what is hidden behind the term hypnosis and in which areas it makes sense to use hypnosis? Clinical hypnosis is an important part of hypnosis and is used in both medicine and therapy. Accompanying hypnosis … Continue reading

New Service Available – NLP Coaching

For the past couple of years Dowell Solutions owner and manager, Kylie Dowell has been providing mentoring/coaching services to a select few clients. Dowell Solutions is now opening this service up to all of their clients as Kylie Dowell has raised … Continue reading

A Quick Overview of NLP

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) has 3 components to it, Neuro is about our mind (specifically the nervous system) how we think and how we process information from our senses such as seeing, hearing, feeling and taste so that it makes … Continue reading

2018 Training Calendar

  May Health and Safety Representative (HSR) Course in Wagga 21st – 25th May  June Fire Safety and Extinguisher & Fire Warden Training in Wagga 8th June August Fire Safety and Extinguisher & Fire Warden Training in Wagga 24th August … Continue reading

WHS for Supervisors and Managers – Wagga, 3rd August 2017

Course Description: This compact 2-hour workshop is designed for those who have safety responsibilities and who are short on time or those who just want the facts. It’s to the point, practical and jam packed with information that directly effects those in … Continue reading