New Service Available – NLP Coaching

For the past couple of years Dowell Solutions owner and manager, Kylie Dowell has been providing mentoring/coaching services to a select few clients. Dowell Solutions is now opening this service up to all of their clients as Kylie Dowell has raised … Continue reading

What is NLP?

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) has 3 components to it, Neuro is about our mind (specifically the nervous system) how we think and how we process information from our senses such as seeing, hearing, feeling and taste so that it makes … Continue reading

2018 Training Calendar

  May Health and Safety Representative (HSR) Course in Wagga 21st – 25th May  June Fire Safety and Extinguisher & Fire Warden Training in Wagga 8th June August Fire Safety and Extinguisher & Fire Warden Training in Wagga 24th August … Continue reading

WHS for Supervisors and Managers – Wagga, 3rd August 2017

Course Description: This compact 2-hour workshop is designed for those who have safety responsibilities and who are short on time or those who just want the facts. It’s to the point, practical and jam packed with information that directly effects those in … Continue reading

Fire Safety and Extinguisher & Fire Warden Training in Wagga 16th June 2017

Course Description: Fire Safety and Extinguisher & Fire Warden Training has never been easier with the Bullex system technology. Both courses delivered in the one training session. Fire Safety and Extinguisher training is important for all. Fire Warden Training covers the … Continue reading

Health and Safety Representative (HSR) Course in Wagga Wagga – June 2017

Course Description: Although this course is designed for HSR’s, it is highly recommended for anyone wishing to gain a better understanding of safety legislation, their responsibilities, risk assessment and much more. The course covers Legislation applicable to WHS in the … Continue reading

Practical Incident Investigation Workshop – Wagga 5th May 2017

Course Description: This half day workshop very practical, interactive and caters for those who have never conducted incident investigations and those who wish to further develop their skills. Even if you have safety qualification you can benefit from this workshop. Course … Continue reading

Changes to CIV in Training & Assessment Qualification

We have been hearing it for a few years now and now the changes regarding the CIV TAE40110 have finally come into place and there is a CIV TAE40116 Training and Assessment qualification. There are two main changes, the first being there are … Continue reading