Health and Safety Representative (HSR) Course in Wagga Wagga – June 2017

HSR Course RiverinaCourse Description: Although this course is designed for HSR’s, it is highly recommended for anyone wishing to gain a better understanding of safety legislation, their responsibilities, risk assessment and much more. The course covers Legislation applicable to WHS in the workplace, PCBU, worker and third party responsibilities in relation to WHS in the workplace, worker’s compensation and rehabilitation, accident investigation process, workplace risks and hazards, workplace inspections, cessation of unsafe work and PINs. With a combination or class theory, group discussions, group activities and hands on activities outside the classroom it gives participants the knowledge and skills to support workplace safety.

Audience: Health and Safety Representatives, Safety Committees, Managers and Supervisors, Business owners or anyone who has an interest to gain skills and knowledge in Health and Safety and the current legislation.

Course Name: Health and Safety Representative (HSR) NSW Jurisdiction
Venue: TBA
Dates: 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd & 23rd June 2017 (5 Days).
Time: 9.00 am to 4.00 pm
Cost: $670 per person

Tea, coffee, and biscuits will be provided, however individuals are responsible for their own lunch.

Please Note:

  • Evidence of Identity is required for participants, with 100 points of identity required on the commencement of the course. Click here for details.
  • Students will be required to bring their USI, to obtain one Click Here
  • Bookings are essential and can be made by filling out the Enrolment Form and emailing it directly to Dowell Solutions or call 0408 471 570.
  • Course fee must be received prior to the course commencing. Invoices will be sent out once enrolment forms are received.
  • For full details of the course click here HSR 5 Day Course Brochure.

Book now by calling 0408 471 570 or email to claim your seat!

Can’t attend this date? drop us an email and we will advise you of our next Health and Safety Representative (HSR) Course.

Practical Incident Investigation Workshop – Wagga 5th May 2017

Incident Investigation workshopCourse Description: This half day workshop very practical, interactive and caters for those who have never conducted incident investigations and those who wish to further develop their skills. Even if you have safety qualification you can benefit from this workshop.

Course Name: Practical Incident Investigation Workshop
Venue: TBA
Dates: 5th May 2017
Time: 9.00 am to 1.00 pm (4 hours)
Cost: $250 per person

Tea, coffee, and biscuits will be provided.

This training goes beyond finding immediate causes you will learn how:

  • Respond initially to an incident
  • Effectively collect evidence and information including effective interviewing techniques
  • Identify losses and contact
  • Determine immediate causes, basic causes and management deficiencies
  • Develop remedial actions
  • Report on findings
  • Additionally, you will get the opportunity to review your own Incident Investigation procedures and forms as part of the training

Audience: Safety Managers/Coordinators, Health and Safety Representatives, Managers and Supervisors, Human Resources, Business owners, those who have completed a safety qualification, anyone who conducts incident investigation for their organisation.


  • Direct bookings can be made by contacting us directly on 0408 471 570 or email.
  • If you have any further questions regarding this training course call 0408 471 570 or email.

Can’t attend this date? drop us an email and we will advise you of the next Practical Incident Investigation Workshop.

Changes to CIV in Training & Assessment Qualification

Training and AssessmentWe have been hearing it for a few years now and now the changes regarding the CIV TAE40110 have finally come into place and there is a CIV TAE40116 Training and Assessment qualification.

There are two main changes, the first being there are now 9 units and 1 elective unit as previously there were 7 core units and 3 elective units. The two new core units are TAEASS502 Design and develop assessment tools and TAELLN411 Address adult language, literacy and numeracy skills.

Here at Dowell Solutions we have been expecting this change for some time now. Anyone who has completed a CIV TAE qualification with us over the past 3-4 years or is currently enrolled in this qualification you have nothing to fear as your qualification is still relevant as we have included these units in as electives.

If you have completed your CIV TAE elsewhere and wish to keep you qualification current, contact us today and we can organise for you to either complete the two units or look at what RPL options are available to you.

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The Cost of Poor Incident Investigation

The cost of poor safety incident investigationAs a safety consultant I often see the outcomes of poor safety incident investigations. Poor incident investigations are also an indicator of where the organisation is, as far as their safety culture.

Poor incident investigation results in corrective actions being put in place that are ineffective and the same or very similar incident reoccurs and we are left wondering why.  The injured employee or the employee who was operating the piece of the equipment is blamed and the witch hunt begins.

I often see incident investigations where the findings have statements such as, the employee should have been more aware, alert or shown more initiative. When I read this, I know immediately that there is a lack in education in thorough and effective incident investigation.

Unfortunately, this results in a blame culture, which in turn then reduces incidents being reported unless its highly visible, too many witness’s, there is blood or it just hurts too much for the worker to continue their duties.

When a blame culture emerges, minor injuries or incidents stop being reported and we miss out on the free lessons and the opportunity to rectify a safety issue before it becomes serious and we end up serious injuries to our employees and costly worker’s compensation claims.

Those who conduct incident investigations are generally not lazy people or looking to blame anyone. In most cases it’s just the process they have been taught or have always done it that way and don’t know any better.

How do you fix this you ask?

Firstly, check your incident investigation procedures, forms and checklists, do they exist are they current, and are they being used.

Secondly check what if any training those conducting incident investigations in your organisation have received.

Thirdly, review some of your recent incident investigations and see if there are any blame statements towards the injured employee or the one operating the equipment.

Fourthly, investigate your incident statistics do you have repeat incidents of simular nature occurring even though you have put in corrective actions to stop or minimise them?

Use these checks to identify if you have a training gap in your organisation with incident investigation and then find a provider to help them and in turn reduce your cost in poor incident investigation.

The cost of poor incident investigations has a roll on effect in your organisation from culture, to lack of reporting, to serious incidents, and costly worker’s compensation claims and in some cases increased premiums.


Introducing Provision Safety

provision safety As a safety consultancy and trainer I’m often asked about other training that we don’t offer, and am always on the lookout for other providers that I can comfortably recommend to clients and others. Today I am delighted to introduce you to Will Phillips from Provision Safety who we are now working in partnership with.

Provision Safety offers a range of accredited professional training programs for people in industry that are undertaking “High Risk Work”. These courses include Forklift, Elevating Work Platforms including Boom Lifts and Scissor Lifts, Confined Spaces and Working at Heights, as well as earthmoving competencies for Excavators, Backhoes, Skid Steer Loaders and Front End Loaders. Will also offers transport Driver Courses for safe loading, securing and unloading of mobile machinery.

Will from Provision Safety is approachable, informative, highly knowledgeable and experienced in working and training in High Risk Work. He can certainly relate to your staff and business needs and will work closely with you to provide a solution that meets your training needs. He can be contacted on 0434 106 141 or , check out the website for more information and make sure you follow him on Facebook to find out when and where he is training near you.

Are You GHS Ready?

GHSThe Globally Harmonised System (GHS) of Classification and Labelling
of Chemicals was adopted under WHS laws on 1st January 2012 and will be implemented on 1st of January 2017.

The GHS uses a common set of pictograms, signal words and hazard warnings to universalise classifications to international standards for chemical classification, labelling and safety data sheets (SDS) in the workplace.

To ensure you are fully aware of your responsibilities as a supplier, manufacturer, PCBU and Officer in the workplace NSW SafeWork has developed a great information sheet called “GHS What you need to know” to assist in getting us all up to speed and ready for its implementation on 1st of January 2017.