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The Ultimate Safety Journal by Kylie Dowell

✓ Are you looking for a Safety oriented or themed Journal or Diary?

✓ Do you work in Health and Safety?

✓ Like to be organised and productive every day?

✓ Do you like “To-Do Lists”?

✓ Need somewhere to capture your safety notes?

You are going to love this journal that will keep you:

• Accountable and productive;

• Focused and motivated;

If you’re looking for a Safety planner, journal, or diary to capture:
– Safety discussions,
– Meetings,
– Ideas,
– Issues,
– Hazards and actions…
… You’re going to love this Ultimate Safety Journal.

With over 20 years of experience working in the Safety industry, I’m always on the lookout for a great planner, I knew what needed to be documented and how working in safety can be a lonely gig at times. Sadly, I could not find anything to meet my needs or the needs of those working in safety. So, I designed my own.

A journal and planner that is designed for those in Safety by someone who works in Safety!

People often ask me how I keep on top of my workload, keep inspired, motivated and productive, it’s because I use my journal every day to keep me accountable. And it works!

What’s included in this 200 page 8 x 10-inch checklist safety planner:

• A striking blue glossy cover with black and white internal pages that you will love to use for your daily productivity, checklists, and meeting notes;

• Easy to keep clean glossy covers means coffee spills and dirt are simply wiped off;

• Important numbers and contact list at the front for easy access during the day as you need them;

• Important dates page at the front so you don’t forget important safety millstone dates, safety meetings, training dates, or the next safety inspection;

• To do list page for all your tasks you need to complete in order of importance;

• Top 3 priorities page for the day to make sure you are focused on the most important actions first;

• Prompts to collect safety positives to keep you focusing on how positive working in safety can be;

• A meeting template page that can be used as a staff, safety or toolbox meeting. To capture attendance, discussed items, items actioned, and PPE that is required;

• Notes pages that can also be used as diary entries for all your important notes or for any extra information you need to remember or capture;

• Formatted to be used daily or weekly, and is flexible to your needs;

• It’s the perfect size to write in. No more running out of room and losing notes or having different notebooks everywhere;

• It includes safety quotes, tips, and challenges to keep you inspired and motivated whilst still achieving.

Everything you need to be Organised…. Motivated… Inspired …Productive each and every day.

This Safety journal, planner, and diary is great for yourself or, as a gift for someone who works in safety, is a safety representative, on the safety committee, or who is studying Health and Safety. Or anyone who has Health and Safety responsibilities in their role, who likes to be organised, productive and motivated.

Grab your journal today, I know you are going to love it. 

Enjoy and Keep Safe!